Feeling fatter… and what’s McCain doing with another woman?

Is anyone else feeling oversaturated? I’ve only eaten one hamburger in the last week, but I can’t help but feel just a little bit fatter today. Maybe it’s due in part to the wall-to-wall coverage of the democratic convention and my now intimate knowledge of Wolf Blitzer.

Honestly, if I hear him say one more time that CNN is “the best political team on television,” I will scream. Does Wolf know that his coverage of the conventions is oversaturated, repetitive, corporate-run crap? Thank god for MPR, who are actually taking the reins on evaluating the media in this country by discussing whether the coverage of the conventions has been sufficient, annoying, or what have you. And yes, to all of it.

The speeches on repeat, the talking heads fighting to be heard by Larry King, the invasive interviews with sobbing audience members… it’s making me wonder if all the hype over the democrats is going to be used as fodder by the republicans. “Oh, how subtle and respectful of everyone’s time we are,” John McCain will say next week, after a delicious 72nd birthday lunch, who is bound not to draw as much glitz as glamour to his convention as the sprightly Obama. Mark my words. Even me, a hardcore liberal, a born and raised Minnesotan who knows that Obama once shared the same senate desk as Wellstone, the only two senators who voted against the war, is losing interest.

And it’s not just what the journalists are saying, it’s the politicians as well. Obama spoke for 40 minutes, in a speech he wrote himself… about absolutely nothing. I remember him getting specific about his policies for about three minutes. If he wants the republicans to have even more proof as to how vague he has been about what he’ll do in the White House, last night’s speech was a perfect example. Okay, he doesn’t have experience to back up what he’s saying, but – and I hate to sound like my 6th grade History teacher here – couldn’t he at least give us an outline?

I don’t want to hear about the single father who has cancer and no health insurance, and I don’t want to know about the plant worker in Pennsylvania who lost his job last week. And please, step away from those ridiculous Greek columns while your at it, which, through the lens of the TV camera, are not even visible and instead give way to brown window panes circa 1973. Oh, and please don’t try to appeal to those long-forgotten residents of the South, who have been lost to the democratic party for years, by blaring what you think is their favorite country song. Us liberals can spot a suck-up when we see one. And I, for one, am definitely not impressed.

I also have to comment on McCain choosing a woman as his VP. Way to go, republican party. Smooth move. For once, I’m not being sarcastic. Just as the Obama camp shunned Hillary from joining their troops, disappointing lay feminists around the world, McCain sends out the shocker of the day by announcing he will continue his presidential fight with a woman by his side. If that wasn’t an orchestrated move to make Obama look like a woman-hater, then I don’t know what is. No one’s talking about gender politics yet, but give it a minute and soon there, too, we will all be oversaturated.

Now, on to Minneapolis. I can’t believe I’m missing the RNC in my hometown. I seem to always miss the milestones whenever I’m abroad. But, luckily, I know that I’ll have Wolf Blitzer at my side, to tell me everything I don’t need to know, at least thirty times, 24-hours a day.

Politics. Journalism. America. Ugh. I’m losing my patience. And I’m a journalist.

Now somebody get me a hamburger.


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