Blu brings life to graffiti art

This video has captivated me. Since my first viewing, I have searched the google pages far and wide to show it to nearly all of my friends. I’m so amazed. “Muto” is the creation of Italian artist Blu, and takes place on the streets of Buenos Aires and Baden. I am told that the artist took photos of each individual image he painted, then painted the wall white before creating the new image and taking another photo. By compiling all of the images and adding some crazy tunes, he was able to create a sort of short film.

So much better than the experimental mess I paid 8 euros to see last night at Galerie Verbale here in Perigueux. What a joke. You call that art? Blowing out my eardrums with a piercing melange of screeching bass notes, sqeaking microphones, metal rubbing together, and other extremely disagreeable noises? Flipping through migraine-inducing images of eyeballs, flames, snakes, heartbeats and naked women for 20 minutes (which was all we could stand before walking out)? That’s not art, honey. That’s crap.

THIS is art.

If you want more, check out the artist’s awesome site: And please enjoy.


One response to “Blu brings life to graffiti art

  1. I do agree! That’s awesome and that’s ART girl! 😉 Thanks for sharing before posting :-))

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