What will become of Pakistan? Sri Lankan cricket team attacked in Lahore

Call me callous, but these terror attacks against the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan today did nothing to either shock or sadden me. Nor did it cause me to reconsider travelling to Pakistan in the future.

Perhaps I’m jaded, like much of the world these days. Or maybe I just realize that there’s more going on in the universe than rich sports figures being attacked in the streets in an isolated incident. While CNN was having a field day, inviting panelists in to discuss the future of cricket and the future of Pakistan as a nation, other world news was taking place: in Romania, Britian, France, Zimbabwe, Japan and China. Forgive me, but must the Americans focus solely on terror?

CWC 2007 Semi Final - Sri Lanka v New Zealand

The U.S. media’s fixation on fear doesn’t surprise me. I’m American, so I’ve grown up with the fear-mongering. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and childhood nightmares will help prepare you for the scary world that awaits you as an adult. Right?

Of course today’s terror attack is tragic and sad and should tell us something about the unstable country Pakistan is becoming. I fear that citizens of the world will soon place it among the ranks of Iraq and Afghanistan: no-go zones. But personally I don’t think it’s come to that yet. No matter what the American media spouts, a part of me can’t fathom that violence erupts on the streets of Pakistan at a moment’s notice, or without any notice at all, and that everyone in arm’s width is in danger of losing their lives.

But at what point will it come to this? Is it only when a government officially announces a war that people really begin to fear and mistrust a country? Or is Pakistan already lost to the people of the world?

One response to “What will become of Pakistan? Sri Lankan cricket team attacked in Lahore

  1. this incident could not have come at a worse time for Pakistan since the country is already struggling with their international image

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