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  1. Hello Collette,
    I’m the creator of mentioned in your “Avoiding conversation, the Western way” article.

    In the vast majority of email I have received about the site, it was the humor that made it so appealing. Being conscious of another’s point of view and feelings as we do – the site represents things we WISH we could do but don’t dare.

    As much as anything, I think the site is about people wanting to be more selective about their relationships – minimizing the fruitless and maximizing the fruitful.

    Thanks for the mention.
    David Schmucker

  2. Hi Colette

    I am Steve Golden from Westminster, Maryland
    I just read ” sink or swin ” Oh my, you had a challenging day. I have never been in your
    present situtation and being unemployed in a foreign country is scary. I don’t know your relationship with your parents or friends in the USA but I would contact them asap. As you know, the unemployment situtation in the USA is not good. It may be 2 years before we see a recovery. In October and November , the stockmarket crashed. 1/2 million people became unemployed in November. Some economist are talking depression . In the Eurozone , no different than the USA. It will get worse than the USA. I am just giving you a head’s up. As Greenspan stated, I did not see the economic meltdown coming !

    I hope the best for you.


    Steve Golden

  3. Hi Colette,

    A very nice blog, I like it!!!

    As you know you’re the best journalist with a very interesting point of view. Why not to rename your blog Koletnews ;-))??

    I’m going to read the others articles, speak to you soon!


  4. Hi Leasa,

    First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my blog but respond. It’s so great to get feedback!

    In response to your question, I have to admit that I don’t know much about the subject. But as I have been reading around, I see that you are absolutely right. Foreigners are not allowed to hold government positions in Canada in most cases (unless, as you said with Ms. Jean, they are a figurehead only). What I read about Dion was that he was willing to renounce his French nationality if it were seen too negatively by the Canadian people. But the question is, how will this opinion be gauged?

    This all sounds very French to me. As I have learned over the past few years of trying to come to France to work, or job hunting in France as an American, I can say that “no” never means “no” and you can always find someone who will bend the rules for you. And since parts of Canada have such strong ties with France, I am not surprised that the governments are behaving similarly.

    But is any of this fair? No, not really. In the U.S., a president must have been born in the U.S., no buts about it. That means that while Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the governor of California, he will never be able to become the president. And he can’t do anything to change that fact. It appears, however, that Canada has a significantly looser policy on citizenship. And I don’t know if there is anything necessarily wrong with that. I am a large proponent of fostering a more global world, meaning that country borders will one day become faded and all citizens of the world will live where they please, all the while holding their personal national identity. There is a sort of beauty in this idea. However, I realize that my views on immigration are probably very different from most people.

    But back to your original question of “is this fair” and “what does this mean for France.” I think the whole situation wreaks of corruption. As we have seen with Jean and now with Dion, the rules between the two countries are loose at best, and criminal at worst. I suspect that, concerning these two government officials, there are some “personal agreements” taking place. For laws to be bent in this way, I can assume that either someone is being paid off or some rules were never actually documented and officially signed – hence, how they are able to get away with what they are doing now.

    As for the French opinion, I haven’t heard a peep from anyone. Do French people care about Canadians? Of course. The ties between the countries have always been strong and there is a great interest for travel and work in Canada by many French citizens. However, do French people get themselves into a fury regarding Canadian politics? I’m not so sure. With Sarkozy’s model wife and Bush-like tactics, Rachida Dati’s baby out of wedlock, and widespread regional corruption, I’d say the French are fairly self-obsessed at the moment.

  5. Leasa Janssen

    Dear Ms. Davidson,

    Having read your site and looking at the paper you work for, I think you would be the best person for me to ask my question.

    I am from Canada and as you may know, we are having a federal election. The one leader who may become our Prime Minister is a citizen of France. I am wondering if he becomes our Prime Minister, what does this mean to France?

    I have read that it is against the law in France for a citizen to work for a foreign government and keep the citizenship. This man, Stephane Dion has been in our government’s cabinet during the last decade and some.

    I remember that when we had a new Governor General, Ms. Jean that France did rule that she could keep her citizenship if she wanted because they deemed her position as a ‘figure head only’ position.

    I am very curious as to why France allowed M. Dion to keep his citizenship all these years and perhaps even become our leader of this country, Canada. What does this mean?

    Thank you so much, I look most forward to your opinion.


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