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Obama, Clinton and Biden join hands at last

Watching Hillary Clinton speak today to the State Department staff, with Obama and Biden by her side, I just got vaklempt. What can I say? It’s simply so amazing to see those three up there on the podium, my favorite presidential candidates all through the campaign: the pit-bull, the ice queen and the smooth talker. There they all are, leading our country, not filling our ears with senseless, mumbled garbage but actual intelligent discourse.

What a breath of fresh air. I feel so excited with all their talk about what’s going to happen first, second and third. I can’t help myself getting my hopes up! Even if it doesn’t all happen right away or even at all, I’m grateful for this moment. Wow, how truly great to listen to the leader of your country and actually feel proud and in total agreement with what he’s saying.


Because of my age and involvement in politics up until this point, Bush has been “my president.” And this is perhaps why my involvement in politics has been so marginal. What did I care? Nothing I believed in was being represented by my nation’s government, so it was easier to take the apathetic approach than fight the endless battle against the rich, white Republican man.

No longer. It feels like a dream that George Bush is left picking his nose and sipping pina coladas beside his pool in Texas, keeping his “Bushisms” rightfully to himself. But it’s true! It’s really true.

Obama, Clinton and Biden are working together to bring this country back to something I can be proud of, at home and abroad, and a place I will come back to willingly when I leave France, not only because I have no other options.

And I have to ask… did anyone else wonder for just a moment whether that misplaced “faithfully” flub by Chief Justice John Roberts during the swearing in was a ploy by Bush to make Obama look ridiculous during his moment of glory? I could just imagine Bush snickering in the background, nudging Laura with a smirk and whispering, “Yea, we got him!”