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It’s the End of the World as We Know It (No, really)

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all going to die. SOON. The world is exploding. Every other day there’s another TV broadcast spilling the news of an earthquake, flood, landslide, volcano or other natural disaster. Thus, the age-old question has now become rather pertinent: Is the world ending?

The Mayans say yes, and in a year or two, in fact. Their exact prediction is December 21, 2012. Coming up pretty soon, eh? Kind of makes you think harder about that sports car you’ve always wanted to buy, the kids you’ve been hoping to have, the job you’re itching to quit. If we’re all going to die in two years anyway, why are we putting our dreams on hold?

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Probably because most of us just can’t fathom the end coming. And why should we trust the Mayans anyway? After all, the Jehovah’s have been wrong – their predictions for the end of the world have failed to come to fruition on numerous occasions. And what if you’re not religious at all? Perhaps a look at Nasa’s http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/ website will help you get a handle on where we’re at environmentally (and by the way, it ain’t good).

Just in the past few months, Nasa’s site has recorded dozens of natural calamities that are slowly but surely putting pressure on our planet. Here’s just a taster:

January 12: It all starts here, with the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed. Rebuilding efforts are still taking place and are far from finished.

February 27: 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile. Nearly 500 people are killed.

March 20: Intense tropical cyclone nears Australia with wind gusts of up to 130 kilometers per hour.

March 20: Flooding in southeastern South Dakota causes closed roads, filled basements and soaked agricultural fields.

March 23: Flooding near the Betsiboka River in Madagascar kills 36 and affects 85,000 others.

March 24: Tropical cyclone swirls over southern Indian Ocean with gusts of 130 kilometers per hour.

April 3: Flooding in Rhode Island and Massachusetts causes hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, and sends 11,000 people applying for FEMA aid.

April 4: 7.2-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico. Rumblings are felt all the way in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

April 6: 7.8-magnitude earthquake cracks open Sumatra, Indonesia (One day this entire country is going into the ocean, I’m sure of it).

April 13: 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Qinghai Province in China kills 400 people and injures 10,000.

April 14: Volcano in Iceland erupts from under a glacier. Seven-hundred people are told to evacuate as rivers risk flooding over.

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Although (based on the above evidence) the environmental outlook is rather grim, I don’t know if we should throw it all away quite yet. I mean, maybe this year is a blip. Maybe next year will be better. Who knows?

All I’m saying is, there’s no need to blow the bank on a brand new house for what we might gather is the approaching demise of existence. But perhaps a few tasteful splurges are in order. A new pair of shoes perhaps? The guts to ask out that cute coworker? Come on, just do it. We’re all going to die anyway – someday.