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The human cost of flying: another plane crashes to the ground

As someone who travels quite frequently and hopes to do more in the future, this recent increase in airplane crashes is, frankly, stunning me. Today’s accident in Amsterdam is yet another reason to consider driving to my next vacation destination.

Within the past month or so, there have been two fatal crashes, one near miss into the Hudson River, and one helicopter crash. Is it safe to go into the air anymore?

Plane Crashes On Landing At Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

Part of me wonders if there is some sort of conspiracy going on within the oil industry. Why not? Stranger things have happened. What if some of the gas going into airplanes these days is missing certain components, or contains manufactured, unsafe elements? I wouldn’t put it past certain world (terrorist) groups to attempt wiping out populations indiscriminately.

Of course this theory is far-fetched, but how can all these accidents simply be coincidences? Can we blame it on environmental factors like global warming,  with its extreme and sudden weather changes? Or perhaps it’s got something to do with the rotations of the sun in relation to its position with the moon… something astrological in nature. Or some higher power’s modern version of population control. I haven’t got a clue.

This past week, I took four flights in six days. And by the last one, I started to take my safety for granted. I barely gave the flight attendant a nod as she demonstrated how to fasten a seat belt or blow up the oxygen mask in mock fashion. Now, looking back, I could probably do with another lesson on how my seat cushion can become a life raft.

Woman's Hands Clasped in PrayerUntil we find out what caused these mysterious plane crashes, we can do nothing to stop them. As passengers, we must just sit back, relax, and, regardless of religion, say a little silent prayer.