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Help! I’d like to start a business in France.

A friend and I were talking tonight, over a couple of artsy films, about starting a website aimed at the American community in France. Not another “How to…” blah blah crap pot that everyone’s already read a million times, but real news, real opinions, real issues affecting Americans in France. Commentary on French news and how it relates to America, commentary on American news and how it relates to France. The good stuff, ya know? But then the real question came… how do we do it?

Looking on a few websites, the options are there but depressing. Oh, the thousands of euros we would have to shell out to get this thing going. And then, how do you register a business in France that consists of only a website, with no tangible creation to speak of? I suppose websites are the way of the world these days and many of us can work from anywhere on the planet thanks to our virtual businesses, but surely these websites must be registered somewhere?

I come to you, dear readers (okay fine, “friends and family”) for advice. Do you know anything about this or where to turn? The internet is a goldmine, for sure, but to believe everything I read would be turning my back on what I do for a living…