The Peeve-atory

I’m what the French call a “raleur.” A complainer. Or, shall we say, “discriminating,” “analytical”… a realist. Suffice it to say, a lot of things bug me. Once in high school, I wrote down all my pet peeves in a notebook. I have no idea where that thing is now, but I’m hoping – with your help – to recreate it here. Does something really get your goat? Let me know. Chances are, I feel the same.

35 responses to “The Peeve-atory

  1. getting trapped behind someone walking VERY slowly in a crowd, in the metro corridors, etc. GRRRR!

  2. Just when you think you’ve met plenty of crazy, weird people, along comes Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed, who says he’s 54, been married & divorced twice, is self-employed and has a vacation home on the lake. Mr Ed. who has a keen sense of humor and makes me laugh a lot – almost as much as my nephew the comedian. Mr. Ed and I “click,” we connect, we converse easily, it’s comfortable and enjoyable. Now for the real Mr. Ed. This L.S.S. (lying sack of shit) been married and divorced 4 times, in the Catholic Church and managed to get all 4 of them annulled. I’m guessing those churches got some pretty hefty donations for caving in to him. And giving him 4 ex-wives of course. This L.S.S. is not 54 but SEVENTY years old! Obviously I knew when we met that he was lying about his age, but nearly 20 years?!?!?!?? This L.S.S. has grandchildren older than my children, which means he probably has children about my age! He may even have great-grandchildren already. This L.S.S. thinks women are so stupid or so desperate that lying will be overlooked? HA! This L.S.S. says he isn’t telling me “the truth” now to get out of the relationship we’ve begun, but rather to deepen it. L.S.S.! Let me repeat, L.S.S.! So long, sucker.

  3. TOtally agree. How lame is that?

  4. Directors who say ‘go ahead with that project’ and after you have started say, ‘ we can’t do that now.’

  5. waking up to screaming children…

  6. Being given the cold shoulder…

  7. People who think they know what is better for you… I know who and what I want, thankyouverymuch!!!!

  8. Spending 6 weeks getting to know a guy and now finding out he wants things to go his way only, rather than responding lovingly to my desire to know where I stand with him.

  9. Doing my taxes knowing full well that the rich are paying far less than I, and that any proposed tax breaks don’t help with this year’s filing. Bugger!

  10. Waiting for things that will probably never happen…

  11. franceblogger

    Hi Colette! Re: Garbage trucks. If you’re heading for Paris, I better warn you: Once per day is nothing! 😉 When I lived in Les Ezyies right after my four-five garbage truck a day habit in Paris, one of the things I *didn’t* mind was having to walk down the path to the poubellles, because it meant the garbage truck didn’t stop in front of my house!

  12. Having the feeling of being “stuck”…

  13. Junior high school boys. My 10th grade history teacher once said we should put all junior high school kids in a bubble and leave them in there until they turn 15. I think he’s right.

  14. Waiting for the bus for the millionth time. In the cold. In the rain. Missing your connection and having to walk home. In the cold. In the rain.

    I hate the bus!!

  15. Being F-ed over!!!!!!

  16. I ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

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  17. Is it just me or is EVERYONE having a baby?!

  18. Driving 45 miles to a temp job on the second day and being told we decided to do the job with the crew we have. Thank you very much.

  19. People who think skinny girls are hotter than girls with curves… Got it? 🙂

  20. Not being able to express what you really feel for fear of being judged or disappointed. What is that expression again? Oh yeah, no pain, no gain…

  21. Taking a half hour bus ride to your Arabic class only to have your teacher not show up to her own house for the third time, then waiting out in the cold for 20 minutes for the bus to take you home!! three strikes and your…..

  22. Women who claim they never fart! Puhl-eeze!

  23. Why does all the neighborhood garbage end up on my lawn? My house sits on the corner but the garbage never crosses the street!

  24. City motorcycle cops who give you a ticket for speeding when you are driving the same speed as all the other traffic, but you have an out-of-state license plate.

  25. Co-workers who do everything possible to manipulate every situation in the workplace.

  26. Getting emails from McCain supporting friends who think only about the abortion issue and nothing of the economic issues, much less the “culture of war” that is as detrimental to society as the “culture of death.”

  27. Constant, phlegm-gurgling coughing. Go to the doctor! Or at least stop smoking, for god’s sakes.

  28. Spending a day without a good laugh 😉

  29. walking in a dog poop before going to work…grrrr

  30. Why is it that the garbage truck rolls down my street, stopping directly in front of my door, filling my lungs with a noxious stink and blocking access to my home nearly every time I come home at night, no matter the hour?!

  31. Constant throat clearing. Like, every eight seconds. Loud, phlegm-filled throat clearing. Ick! Can you say, “expectorate?”

  32. People who try to convince you that their opinions (religious, political ones etc) are the best and that you should think alike! Sorry but I’ll never be convinced by racists, anti-abortion people, homophobes … so don’t waste your time and breath!

  33. When people drink things that should be eaten. i.e. stirring up ice cream until it becomes a melted disgusting mess, then slirping it through a straw/drinkable yogurts/melted malts, etc. Ick, ick ick!

  34. Semicolons (for all you English majors out there) and putting the period after the quotation mark. Yuck!

  35. People who walk really closely behind you on the street like they want to pass you, but they just hang out there forever, breathing heavily and practically clipping your heels. Just f-in’ pass!

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